Winter Rose Pruning - Yellow Roses
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Winter Rose Pruning - Tools and Equipments

What could someone write about the rose? Many. For the winter rose pruning? Few well. So few and well that Alexandria’s historic library does not fit.

And because ‘brevity is the soul of wit’, starts the unstoppable chatter initially in relation to the necessary tools and equipments for the winter rose pruning. And it follows continuously.

Winter Rose Pruning

Gloves and Shears for the Winter Rose Pruning
Gloves and Shears for the Winter Rose Pruning

Why Winter Rose Pruning?

The winter rose pruning has the purpose of forming a desired shape for the plant (especially in the high growth and in the tree roses) as well as assisting and encouraging its flowering for the coming blooming period.

And since it has not yet been devised a practical way of pruning plants without pruning tools, almost necessarily, the winter rose pruning is done with the appropriate tools.

Winter Rose Pruning

Winter Rose Pruning - Tools and Equipments
Tools and Equipments
Winter Rose Pruning - Screwdriver Sets
Not NecessaryScrewdriver Sets

Pruning Tools

Appropriate pruning tools – and here is the enormous contribution of ‘Kalliergeia’ to the transmission of knowledge and information about plant care – are: pruning shears, lopping shears and saws.

With the scientific data so far, the use of a screwdriver is not absolutely necessary.

The pruning shears, whether or not ergonomically designed, whether or not they have airfoils, must be extremely sharp.

The sharp shears cut the branches and the wood in the right way and do not hurt ‘chewing‘ the bark and the tissues of rosewood. This fact has beneficial consequences for the pruned plant.

It does not create extensive abnormal incisions that expose the rose to an increased risk of infection. But they also do not force it to provide excessive amounts of energy for the healing of wounds as well as useful for other functions of reserve substances.

The equally sharp blades of lopping shears serves to cut the larger diameter branches as well as the dead branches, whose wood is hard enough.

The saw is used to cut the birthday cake.

Winter Rose Pruning

Safety Goggles for Winter Rose Pruning
Safety Goggles
Winter Rose Pruning - Full-Facepiece Spray Paint Respirator
Chemical Warfare Mask


A good quality pruning seal for the application of pruning cuttings in the form of black asphalt or new lanolin types is considered necessary. It helps in faster healing of the pruning sections, especially in the relatively large branches of the rose, as well as in blocking the entry into a number of malicious pathogens.

Eye protection glasses and a good pair of leather gloves may not contribute directly to rational winter rose pruning, but they will beautify and protect the one who is pruning. The thorns of the rose branches, as well as its wood or stem particles, are always in a position of battle to defend the poor plant.

Copper completes the circle of equipments. A plant-protect product based on copper, accompanies the one that prunes but not only: once the winter rose pruning ends is sprayed after with this the plant. Spraying rosewood with copper strengthens plant protection against over-wintering diseases and gives a romantic dimension to the whole project.

It is necessarily accompanied by a chemical warfare mask.

And once reference was made to tools and equipments, troubadour Nikos Papazoglou will always give a lyrical breath to the otherwise breathy tribute to the necessary and non-tools and equipments for the winter rose pruning.



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