Upside Down - Eduardo Galeano: Green, How I Love You

Upside Down - Photographic Portrait of Eduardo Galeano
Photographic Portrait of Eduardo Galeano

The Upside Down book by Eduardo Galeano was published in Spanish in 1998 by Siglo XXI publishing house. This is a particularly entertaining book that tells in hilarious details how governments and multinational corporations have set up a world upside down using every inhuman and immoral mean.

Uruguayan Eduardo Galeano (Montevideo, September 3, 1940 – April 13, 2015) was an activist, journalist, important literary and author. His works have been translated into several languages, including Open Veins of Latin America (1971), The Memory of Fire trilogy (1986) and Mirrors (2008). From his book Upside Down is quoted the Green, How I Love You.

Upside Down - Green, How I Love You

The most successful companies on earth have subsidiaries in both hell and paradise. The more sell the first, the better go the second. So the Devil pays and God providing forgiveness of sins.

According to the World Bank’s plans, in a very shorter period, eco-industries will trade more money than chemicals; they have already begun to yield mountains of profits. Salvation of the environment is for companies that destroy it, their most brilliant commercial investment.

In his latest book, The Corporate Plan, Joshua Karliner gives three illustrious examples of great teaching value:

four of the world’s most air polluting companies belong to the General Electric Group, which is also America’s largest manufacturer of air pollution control equipment;

The DuPont chemical company, one of the companies with the most hazardous industrial waste all over the world, has developed a lucrative service sector, specialized in the incineration and burial of hazardous industrial waste;

and another multinational, Westinghouse, which earns its bread by selling nuclear weapons, also sells expensive equipment to clean its own radioactive waste.

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Eduardo Galeano Reading

I’m trying to create a synthesis of all different ways of expressing life and reality.
Eduardo Galeano
Upside Down - Photographic Portrait of Eduardo Galeano
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