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How Do Plants Travel?

A little to very unorthodox. And sometimes with the seed, sometimes with the wind and the seed, sometimes with other similar marvelous crucifixions, crossing small or immense land, they touch the boundaries and know the extremes of their physical spreading zone. Their real or imagined cradle, their journeys on earth and time, as well as the various influences that they receive and exert on both their landscapes and around human communities, are also the subject of the unity of the site. Iggy Pop and ‘The Passenger’ for the uninvited passengers and travelers.

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This section of the site describes the paths of wild plants in space and time, from their confirmed or suspected cradles to their natural boundaries of dispersion, and from the depths of natural history to the modern era.


That is reserved for the wild ones, the same is waiting for the domesticated, cultivated plants. This section of the site records and analyzes their paths in space and time, as well as the uninterrupted effects they have exercised and exert on human societies.

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Rafflesia arnoldii (Stinking Corpse Lily), The Giant Flower

Rafflesia arnoldii, The Largest Flower in the World

The largest simple flower of the plant kingdom, Rafflesia arnoldii (Stinking Corpse Lily or Corpse Flower), belongs to a genus of parasitic plants with many peculiarities, which arouse the curiosity of systematic researchers as well as its simple observers, who stand in front of it with awe and admiration.

Ιστορία του Φυτού του Καπνού - Φυτό Nicotiana tabacum σε Άνθιση

History of Tobacco Nicotiana tabacum L. Plant

The History of the tobacco Nicotiana tabacum L. plant has some extremely interesting aspects. Some of them concern the discovery of the plant, its cultivation and its use, and some others the economic, anthropological and social dimension of the history of the tobacco plant during the colonial era.

On Acropolis Rocks Micromeria acropolitana

Micromeria acropolitana, A Memorial of Nature at the Parthenon

An old oriental proverb says that ‘even the biggest journey begins with the first step.’ Micromeria acropolitana, an endemic plant on the hill of the Acropolis of Athens, knowing this proverb before it was even formulated, actually began its long journey through a few squares of land, decisively making this first critical step.



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