Rebecca Louise Law - The Beauty of Decay, Art Work View
The Beauty of Decay

The Ephemeral Floral Suspension of Rebecca Louise Law

The raw material, the sculpture medium of the spatial installations of British artist Rebecca Louise Law, is the flowers. Thousands of flowers, each color and shape, which are dried in the hand. And then received from dozens of hands, which the artist guides, so that the work can be realized within twenty-four hours.

The group element, which is reflected in the way of flower arrangement realization of its art works and the dimension of time, with its urgent and inelastic character, is two prominent distinctive features of its work.


Rebecca Louise Law's Garten - 2
Garten - 2

From Two to Three - That is to Four

Having studied academically in painting, she initially started as a classical painter confronted with his obsessions in front of a white canvas. Painting – what else? – flowers, soon realized that the rules of the canvas were closing instead of opening up her expression capabilities. So she left the canvas and began her wanderings in the space, giving her a three-dimensional outlet to her artistic obsessions. But opening it up in space, she embedded and imposed the fourth dimension, intertwined with spatial, time.

Rebecca Louise Law's Garten - 3
Garten - 3

Time Vehicle and Rebecca Louise Law Copilots

The dimension of time has a multifaceted presence in her work. Rebecca Louise Law spent a lot of time studying flowers, their importance and their drying methods. And after deepening to all three, she has been studying since then the time as manifested through and / or in her art  works. Because in the initial phase of the completion of the works, their visual and olfactory footprint is particularly intense. In the course of time, however, the color and aroma of the flowers, with the influence of the sun and light, will be lost. And what will be left will be but the pure sculptural structure of the perishable and consumable work.

Rebecca Louise Law - Garten - 4
Garten - 4

Art Works Speaking for her Art Work

As Rebecca Louise Law has repeatedly stated, being the most incompetent for that, the idea of interaction between human and nature is behind all. Still, she is trying to see and show the flowers out of their real state, within a controlled environment. Furthermore, viewing the potential of flowers as an extension of their physical properties. But even the lasting, through her works, reminding that what is destined to be scrapped can remain, reuse and last.

…Until it scrapped?

Rebecca Louise Law's Garten - 5
Garten - 5

Some of the Art Works

Just below are some representative works of Rebecca Louise Law.

About her Art Work

Every installation is about the human interaction with nature.
Rebecca Louise Law
Installation Artist
Rebecca Louise Law - The Beauty of Decay, Art Work View
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The natural experience is still at the core of my work, and with each new artwork I challenge myself to push this concept further.
Rebecca Louise Law
Installation Artist
Rebecca Louise Law - The Beauty of Decay, Art Work View
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I like to source the flowers locally, and a lot of research will be put into this. My ideal is to have site-specific artworks that come from the land that I am working in.
Rebecca Louise Law
Installation Artist
Rebecca Louise Law - The Beauty of Decay, Art Work View
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Rebecca Louise Law - The Hated Flower (2014)
The Hated Flower (2014)

Musical Farewell

Rebecca Louise Law is greeted by her countrymen Pink Floyd with their classic song Time.

Rebecca Louise Law - Portrait
Rebecca Louise Law - Portrait
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Τυπωθήτω | Print
Pink Floyd
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