Southern Magnolia, The White Flower of Magnolia
The Magnificent White Flower of Magnolia

Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)

The Southern Magnolia is one of the finest and largest evergreen broadleaved trees, a real vegetal jewel and a gem.

Wide adaptability is cultivated in a broad variety of soil types and climatic zones and offers one of the largest flowers of the plant kingdom.

The impressive appearance of its white, aromatic flower, 15-20 cm (6–8 in) long, attracts and stares up to the most indifferent look while at the same time delights as the most lazy nasal cavities.

Perhaps it would not be a bad idea at all, the obligatory planting of it in every garden of similar qualities.

Southern Magnolia Origin

Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)

Southern Magnolia, the Fruit and Seeds of Tree
Southern Magnolia, the Fruit of Tree
The Leathery Leaves of Southern Magnolia
The Leathery Leaves of Magnolia
Southern Magnolia, the Flower
Southern Magnolia, the Flower

Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) - Brief Description

Scientific name

Magnolia grandiflora L.

Common name

Southern Magnolia, Bull bay


General characteristics

Type of foliage: Evergreen

Form: Tree with single trunk, pyramidal to oval, irregular canopy symmetry

Texture: Coarse

Height: 18-25 m (60-80 ft)

Diameter: 10-12 m (30-40 ft)

Growth rate: Medium

Flowering period: Spring-Summer

Fruiting period: Spring-Summer


Shape and colours

Bark: Light grey-brown

Leaves shape: Elliptic to ovate

Foliage colour: Green

Foliage colour in autumn: Green

Flowers shape: Cup-shaped

Flowers colour: White

Fruit: Conelike, ovoid polyfollicle brown seed pods, red-rose seed color



Soil type: Clay, loam, sand, well-drained, acidic to slightly alkaline

Exposure: Sun, semi-shade

Soil pH: 6-7.5

Watering: Medium

Hardiness: -17 °C (0 °F – USDA Hardiness zone 7a)



Specimen, screen, alignment, avenues, median strip plantings in the highways, espalier

Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)

Great Southern Magnolia Tree Growth
Great Magnolia Tree Growth
Southern Magnolia, the Tree with Flowers
Southern Magnolia, the Tree with Flowers

Μανόλια η Μεγανθής (Magnolia grandiflora) - Γενικές Παρατηρήσεις

  1. Southern Magnolia originates from the North Hemisphere of the American continent and specifically from the South-eastern US states. Here are some of the most impressive trees of its species, while the Mississippi State has proclaimed it in its official tree. In the state of Mississippi, in Smith County, there is the largest one: its height reaches 37 m (121 ft).
  2. Despite the undoubted American origin of the species, the name of the genus is European: the French botanist Pierre Magnol contributed through his surname.
  3. Seedlings of the typical species exhibit exceptional diversity. The height, growth rate and shape can vary dramatically from tree to tree. What seems to be common is the extent of the root system: the roots extents to four times the width of the canopy.
  4. Its primitive creations are reflected in the way it pollinates its flower: it is mainly made by the beetles, which appeared long before the appearance of the bees.
  5. It is an extremely resistant tree in the heavy atmosphere of the cities, while it is remarkable and its resistance to the wind, even the size of hurricanes. Indicatively it was reported to have been one of the few trees that survived the devastating fury of typhoon Erin & Opal that hit the South of the United States in 1995.
  6. The Southern Magnolia is used in addition to ornamental tree, in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in timber production.
  7. The primitive music ensemble Grateful Dead, appreciating the virtues of the tree, devoted to it the inspirational song Sugar Magnolia. Let’s the music play.


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