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Potatoes on the Bench

Potato – 3. Composition, Quality Characteristics & Nutrition Facts of Potatoes

With great pride, the potato nutrients and the editorial team of ‘Kalliergeia’ give the reading audience the third part of the tribute to the composition, qualities and nutritional value of the tubers of the plant.

A third part in which, lipids and dietary fiber in potatoes courageously unfold their multifaceted virtues in the space-time continuum of the planetary biosphere.

We have to say in advance that their contribution as a fraction of the potato’s nutrients in human nutrition is, in keeping with some measure in the ratings, huge.

Potato – 3. Composition, Quality Characteristics & Nutrition Facts of Potatoes

Dietary Fiber In Potatoes - 'Inca Gold' Variety Potatoes
'Inca Gold' Variety Potatoes

Lipids of Potato

Nutrients in potato also include lipids.

However, the lipids involved in the tubers’ composition represent a very small percentage of the fresh weight.

In relation to the fresh weight of potatoes, per 150 g of it lipid is found in the range of 0.15 g.

This amount is remarkably less than for lipids found in rice (1.95 g) and pasta (0.5 g).


Potato – 3. Composition, Quality Characteristics & Nutrition Facts of Potatoes

Potatoes Peeled White Flesh
Potatoes Peeled

Dietary Fiber In Potatoes

The role of fiber in human nutrition, as many researchers have noted, is extremely important.

The tuber fibers constitute another category of the many potato nutrients that are part of its composition. Dietary fiber in potatoes tuber, is mainly found in the peel (periderm).

They account for 1-2% of the tuber, but especially in the peel, fiber accounts for about 50% of it.

Related research has shown that dietary fiber in potatoes binds bile acids. This ability to bind bile acids is believed to be one of the mechanisms by which dietary fiber in potatoes decreases plasma cholesterol.

Potato – 3. Composition, Quality Characteristics & Nutrition Facts of Potatoes

Various Potato Varieties
Various Potato Varieties
Dietary Fiber In Potatoes - 'Inca Bella' Variety Potatoes
'Inca Bella' Variety Potatoes
'Kennebec' Variety Potatoes
'Kennebec' Variety Potatoes
Evaluation of Dietary Fiber In Potatoes

Assessing the physical and chemical characteristics of the dietary fiber in potatoes, it is reported that these are superior to wheat bran.

And this position results from the overall examination of the fiber content, where the dietary fiber in potatoes peel is more, from the amount of starch components where it is less, and from the water holding capacity, which is higher in the potato fibers.

By assessing the melodic characteristics of ‘La lluvia’ heard by the Alpamayo musical ensemble, the potato’s nutrients are loaded with originative memories.



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