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Καπνώδης ή Μυλωνάς - Τέλειο Καπνώδη ή Μυλωνά (Capnodis tenebrionis)

Peach Rootborer (Capnodis tenebrionis)

A pest of the Mediterranean temperament, the Peach Rootborer (Capnodis tenebrionis), which infests a multitude of cultivated trees and some ornamentals, is the subject of the following article, which deals with the description, biology, and ecology of this dangerous of many aspects coleoptera insect.

Ο Νέος Ναός Παναγίας Τήνου των Παναγιωτάκου & Μητσάκη - Πρόσθια Άποψη

Our Lady of Tinos Study of Panagiotakos – Mitsakis

The study of Kyriakoulis Panagiotakos and Nikolaos Mitsakis for the new Church of Our Lady of Tinos – a study which completed in 1931 – and all the events that followed, are the main themes of the second article of the series, which is dedicated to the first of them, the important Greek Modernist architect of Interwar.

Τριπλός Υβριδικός Πίλος ενός από τα Γλυπτά Μανιτάρια του Κάρστεν Χέλερ

The Giant Sculptured Mushrooms by Carsten Höller

On the occasion of The Giant Sculptured Mushrooms by Carsten Höller presentation, it is attempted to critically present a wide spectrum of selected works and exhibitions of the artist, while is no avoiding the problematic behind the so-called artworks, as well as their reflection on their prestige and place in contemporary art.

Ο Καθένας Νομίζει πώς Είμαι Ένας Κανίβαλος - Φωτογραφικό Πορτρέτο του Yambo Ouologuem

When Black Men’s Teeth Speak Out – Yambo Ouologuem

Yambo Ouologuem, originally from Mali, West Africa, was one of the most important writers of the 20th century, although he was wrote only 3 books and a few poems in the French language. While his poetry has not been collected, here’s a representative one, entitled ‘When Black Men’s Teeth Speak Out’.

Το Εσωτερικό του Πορτοκαλί Κήπου του Πάρκου Αντρέ Σιτροέν

The Serial Gardens of Parc Andre Citroen

With the famous Serial Gardens of Parc Andre Citroen, the thrilling tribute of ‘Kalliergeia’ to this green space of the Paris continues, a tribute that – what to say now – has forced viewers, readers and creditors of this site to keep them in suspense for every new article of the site’s also famous columnists.

Εξώασκος της Ροδακινιάς σε Προχωρημένο Στάδιο

The Peach Leaf Curl Disease (Taphrina deformans)

In the Peach Leaf Curl, this terrible and horrible pathogenic ascomycete fungus of the tree and cultivation, is devoted the following article, which contains little of its biology, many of the symptoms it causes, as well as the ways, if not for destruction, of at least for its sufficient management and control.


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The cultivated species is called Sisal and is Agave sisalana (Agave sisalana), a textile plant of the tropical and subtropical regions. Brazil is the largest producer country in world.

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