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Ειδική Αγωγή και Γεωργική Εκπαίδευση - Ειδική Αγωγή και Γεωργία

Special Education & Agricultural Training – Part 1

Special Education and its relation to Agricultural Training are the main topic of the two articles in the series devoted to this particular form of education. In the first article, the theme is approached from the standpoint of the Special Education Teacher – how and why he engaged, what he is getting from the process.

Winter Protection for Azaleas - Azalea Variety 'Hot Shot'

Winter Protection for Azaleas

The winter protection for azaleas has occupied the scientific community as much as the existence of the boson. A huge amount of money was spent on research, sophisticated instruments were used, missile systems were tested. But the result justified bother, effort and money. The end of the venture found the azalea wiser.What were the conclusions?

Tomato Fruit Composition - Cutting Green Tomatoes

Tomato – C. Composition of Tomato Fruit & Quality Characteristics

The completely outdated for the Northern Hemisphere tribute to the tomato fruit composition and its qualities is completed in this third part. With great excitement and chill (from the cold), the editorial team of “Kalliergeia”sends racing greetings to the heroically toiled and labored tomato producers of the Southern Hemisphere, who, in times of unbearable heat, stand on cultivation when the same moment, the majority of tomato consumers enjoy their summer holidays.
Happy Summer.

Quality Characteristics of Tomato Fruit - Red-Ripe Tomatoes - Credits: Αxelmellin

Tomato – B. Composition of Tomato Fruit & Quality Characteristics

Finally, the scientific community ruled that tomato is a fruit. This cognitive conquest has some consequences. Since tomato is a fruit then the tomato plant is a tree. The tomato grower or the amateur grower by planting tomatoes creates forests. Forest of tomatoes. Tomato-tree forests can be a further option for urban greening and the improvement of living conditions of populations, particularly in large urban centers and out-of-the-way large cities.
Faced with the prospect of its forests, the quality characteristics of tomato fruit and the composition of their fruit gain another dimension. Spacetime expands tomato-like.
Damned tomatoes.

Composition of Tomato Fruit - Two Mature Tomatoes on the Plant

Tomato – A. Composition of Tomato Fruit & Quality Characteristics

In the USA, the tomato is called ‘the poor man’s orange’ because of its low price and high concentrations of vitamin C, as well as citric and malic acid.
In many areas of the South they could call orange as ‘the poor man’s tomato’ because of their sometimes unjustified or justifiably high price.
But either in the South or in the North, the nutritional value of tomatoes is recognized as significant. The last few years have been flourishing the research about the medicinal uses of its fruit.
Starting from the composition of the tomato fruit and its qualitie characteristics will be attempted in a series of articles presenting these aspects of tomato, others that rank fruit and others in vegetables, but all agree that it is called tomato.

Except for a member of the editorial team. This member believes, after excessive alcohol consumption, that there is no agreement about the name. His disagreement is recorded and he is delivered to the lions.

Winter Rose Pruning - Purple Color Floribunda Rose Type

Winter Rose Pruning – Instructions on When & How

The winter rose pruning is done all year round, except in the spring, summer and autumn. It takes courage and self-denial to accomplish it. Under unfavorable conditions, the rose lover is required to carry out a pruning work that requires maximum concentration, knowledge of the subject and some skills – something like quantum physics.


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The cultivated species is called Sisal and is Agave sisalana (Agave sisalana), a textile plant of the tropical and subtropical regions. Brazil is the largest producer country in world.

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