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Paulownia planting - Paulownia Tree in a Park

Paulownia – 4. Paulownia Planting & Establishment

The problematic tribute to the cultivation of Paulownia seems to continue. Rumors show that the fourth in the series part is ante portas. The population is asked to stand up to the circumstances. Temperament is the point. No conciliation with the enemy. From now on, we speak Japanese. Kiri.

Paulownia Propagation -Tree Farm

Paulownia – 3. Sexual & Asexual Paulownia Propagation

After the enthusiastic welcome of the two previous parts by the mother and relatives of the authors of ‘Kalliergeia’ (Chinese 养殖), the tribute to the cultivation of Pavlina continues with the third part dealing exclusively with methods of propagation it.

Paulownia tomentosa

Paulownia – 1. Species, Characteristics & Climate

One of China’s most significant offerings to humanity, apart from its magnificent obsessive language, is also Paulownia. The Paulownia or Empress Tree or Kiri (in simple Japanese) is of exceptional economic interest with a strong ecological footprint. In the series of articles below, all the information required for cultivation will be attempted so that the prospective grower can form a global picture weighing its advantages and disadvantages, but also those who already cultivate it may be able to deepens its every aspect of farming.
Part One (第一部分).

The Gleaners (1857) (Part) - Jean-Francois Millet

The Rural Life in Painting Art: Jean-Francois Millet, the Artist.

Jean-Francois Millet, breaking new artistic ground as rapporteur of the realism, focused the theme of the narration of rural life, the narrative of the life of French peasants of his time, and not with the eyes of a genre painting but with the look of a pioneer that combine landscape and people in one indissoluble, even organic, coherent lattice.

Καρότο (Daucus carota subsp. Sativus) - Καρότα σε πάγκο

Cultivated Carrot – Botanical Informations and Classification

Let’s look in the eyes and let’s talk about carrots at least. What is the carrot plant at least? Why is Bugs Banny eating carrots at least? How are the leaves and carrot flowers finally? Why did Popeye never eat carrots?
At least.
In these essential questions, but also in others that will be put in the immediate and predictable future, the following article will try. Will try to give sober, meaningful and thorough answers.
At least.
Popeye, what to say now, was carrotophobic.


The use of the material, where third-party rights are not mentioned, is absolutely free. Its sharing, possibly, useful.

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The cultivated species is called Sisal and is Agave sisalana (Agave sisalana), a textile plant of the tropical and subtropical regions. Brazil is the largest producer country in world.

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