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Safe Distance of Trees Around Typical Farmhouse (Image by David Mark from Pixabay)

Safe Distance of Trees from Houses & Buildings

The article provides information on the safe distance from houses & buildings at which trees can be planted so that the person concerned does not later find himself in the very unpleasant position of having to cut some of them down or worse, to move – at least until restoration of any damages on walls or foundations.

The People of the Abyss - Photographic Portrait of Jack London

The People of the Abyss – A Nonfiction Book by Jack London

Few books have so realistically described the condition of the working class in circumstancess of almost absolute poverty as Jack London’s famous book “The People of the Abyss”, from which an excerpt is given here, together with a video lecture by Cecelia Tichi, professor of American Studies, about his overall work.

The Management of Black Spot of Rose - Diplocarpon rosae Black Spots on Rose Leaves

The Management of Black Spot of Rose

The following unique and unrepeatable (literally) article deals with the Rose Black Spot disease (the ascomycete fungus Diplocarpon rosae – Marssonina rosae), plus the description of the parasite establishment and the symptoms caused by its infection on the poor and unlucky commercial or domestic growing plants.

Invsiveness of Lantana camara - The Flowers of Lantana camara Invasive Shrub

Invsiveness of Lantana camara (West Indian Lantana)

This time the West Indian Lantana (Lantana camara) is not presented as an ornamental shrub, but as an invasive plant and persistent weed with great invasive power, which creates serious problems in agriculture, animal husbandry, economy, ecology and environment but indirectly, even in man himself.

Λαντάνα Ορθόκλαδη (Lantana camara), η Ταξιανθία του Φυτού

Lantana camara (Common Lantana) – Description & Uses

The Common Lantana or Spanish Flag has excellent and long-lasting flowering, as well as inflorescences that show a variety of colors (yellow, yellow-orange, orange, bright red) at the same time, which attract not only the eye of the observer but also the butterflies – as they are a source of food for them.

Φροντίδα για το Κεράκι - Τα Εξαίρετα Άνθη της Χόγιας της Σαρκώδους (Hoya carnosa)

The Care of Wax Plant (Hoya carnosa)

The Wax Plant or Porcelain Flower (Hoya carnosa) is an evergreen perennial epiphyte that is usually offered as a climber and decorates indoor spaces as well as the garden – where conditions allow. The following article refers to the care of this abundant and very fragrant flowering plant.


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The cultivated species is called Sisal and is Agave sisalana (Agave sisalana), a textile plant of the tropical and subtropical regions. Brazil is the largest producer country in world.

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