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Ornamental Plants

The Lilac-Pink Inflorescence of Βutterfly Βush

Βutterfly Βush (Buddleja davidii)

Βutterfly Βush is another popular shrub thanks to its fragrant, abundant and multi-colored flowers. But not only. Because it is easy to cultivate and highly adaptable, it can even be the least consistently gardener of having it in its garden. And with him and his neighbor.

Tatarian Dogwood - Flowers of Cornus alba

Tatarian Dogwood (Cornus alba)

Tatarian Dogwood comes directly from the cold. North Korea, Manchuria and Siberia are its birthplace, so its undeniable endurance at the extremely low temperatures is not a special achievement on its part. Of course, Tatarian Dogwood knows this, and when exposed in winter to the gluttonous human eyes, blushes all over shyness.

Japanese Barberry, the Flowers

Japanese Barberry (Berberis thunbergii)

Japanese Barberry is a perennial, woody, slightly spiny bush that originates from Japan. Adaptive and studious, he soon learned to speak other languages, especially from the countries of the temperate and subtropical zone in which it spread for its many charismas.

Australian Pine Tree - Australian Pine, the Red Flowers

Australian Pine Tree (Casuarina equisetifolia)

Australian Pine Tree, though a tree, has an exotic bird scent. And yes, as an exotic bird, unfortunately it does not have any particular value, but as an ornamental or productive one it is great. The productive aspect of the tree will be considered in a future – we say now – special tribute.

Bottle Tree - Kurrajong, the Bell-shaped Flowers

Bottle Tree (Brachychiton populneus)

Kurrajong or Bottle Tree have not only many names but also favors. One of them, in a way, is common in competing in Eucalyptus with drought resistance, and in contrast to it, without the fear of falling branches on the heads of unsuspecting passers-by. But what really distinguishes Bottle Tree from all other common trees is its use as a source of excellent drinking water quality.

Μανόλια η Μεγανθής, Το Εντυπωσιακό Άνθος της Μανόλιας

Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)

The Southern Magnolia is one of the finest and largest evergreen broadleaved trees, a real vegetal jewel and a gem. Wide adaptability is cultivated in a broad variety of soil types and climatic zones and offers one of the largest flowers of the plant kingdom.


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