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Ornamental Plants

Φόρμιο το ισχυρό (Phormium tenax) - Τα Φύλλα

New Zealand Flax (Phormium tenax) – Description & Uses

The New Zealand Flax (Phormium tenax) is a plant of exceptional appearance and architectural structure. And although it is commercially grown for its fibers, it has become particularly popular globally as an ornamental – and it is on this side of it that particular emphasis is given in the following article.

Tulipa ‘Yellow Crown’ (Golden Yellow) - Τουλίπες Ομάδας Coronet

Tulip Types or Cultivar Groups of the Plant

A relatively vague field, that of the grouping of Tulip plants or Divisions from a Horticultural point of view, comes to cover this article, providing all the information that will help the plant lover and the researcher to get to know better these wonderful bulbous species and their cultivars and varieties.

Το Αξιοθαύμαστο Άνθος της Strelitzia reginae

Strelitzia reginae or Bird of Paradise – Description & Uses

With the surprisingly unique shape of its orange and blue flowers and its use as an indoor and outdoor plant, the rhizomatous evergreen plant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae), which is the main object of the following article, has been known worldwide for two centuries … Well, it’s obvious that some of us can love its song!

Φίκος Μπέντζαμιν (Ficus benjamina) τα Φύλλα του Φυτού

Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina) – Description & Uses

The Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina) remains consistently popular among the plant lovers around the world for decades, and we here at “Kalliergeia” are very excited to be able to describe botanically another plant – strangler, along with its properties and uses both as indoor and as in garden and landscape ornamental.

Cork Oak Bark of Tree Branches

Cork Oak Tree (Quercus suber), The Famous

Cork Oak tree (Quercus suber) is the only topic of the following article. In addition, it is the only producer of cork, being a valuable source of wealth for the few countries in which it grows naturally and / or cultivates. Here, however, reference will be made mainly to its amazing ornamental side.

Ανθισμένη Μανόλια Σουλατζιάνα

Saucer Magnolia (Magnolia × soulangeana)

The early spring blooming of Saucer Magnolia or Chinese Magnolia (Magnolia × soulangeana) has proclaimed this relatively small growing tree to be the main protagonist of gardens and parks at that particular time of year. So, the following article is dedicated to this wonderful tree and to the 26 to 27 readers of ‘Kalliergeia’ site.


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