Ornamental Plants

Ornamental Plants

Genus Cedrus (Cedrus Trew): Classification, Description & Uses

The genus Cedrus, the so-called genus of True Cedars, truly is not characterized by the great number of its species. On the contrary, in the best case, it includes four species, in the worst just three, two or one. However, what loses in massiveness replenishes it in utility and beauty.

Genus Ficus (Ficus L.): Classification, Description and Uses

The genus Ficus - fig trees - represents a totally unique plant section. And this owes both to the botanical as well as to the biological and ecological characteristics of most of its species. In the following article we will attempt to give, a representing picture of the essential elements…


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Planting or making a hole in the water? Like to see, what is certain is that the artificial island, ‘Freedom Cove’ created by the Lady Catherine King and Mr Wayne Adams in Canada, includes numerous plants, vegetable garden and four greenhouses. As for the hole, yes and that is there. For fishing from the living room.

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