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Χρήση της Συκιάς - Κλαδί Συκιάς Φορτωμένο με Σύκα

Ficus carica – Ethnobotanical and Pharmaceutical Use of Fig, 2nd Part

The pharmaceutical use of fig tree (Ficus carica) has been and is extremely widespread in the traditional medicine of many peoples. According to it, all plant parts of the tree contribute, in various forms, either alone or in combination with other medicinal plants and / or plant foods, in the fight against a wide range of diseases.

Pharmaceutical Use of Fig - Figs Color Violet Variety

Ficus carica – Ethnobotanical and Pharmaceutical Use of Fig – Part 1

The pharmaceutical use of fig in contemporary and traditional medicine, is the main theme of this series of articles. That series starts – beyond the obvious botanical interest for the tree itself – from a proverb in various versions found on many peoples. Approximately, this proverb says ‘your food your medicine and medicine your food‘.


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Planting or making a hole in the water? Anyhow somebody can see, it is certain that the artificial island, Freedom Cove, created by Mrs Catherine King and Mr. Wayne Adams in Canada, includes many plants, a vegetable garden and four greenhouses. As for the hole, yes and that is there. For fishing from the living room.

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