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What are the cultivated plants?

This section of the site describes the crops grown as ornamental, floricultural and general agricultural interest from a morphological, anatomical and systemic point of view. They also refer to their historical and ethnobotanical use and their natural and artificial varieties are recorded both for native species and for broadly cultivated species for which genetic improvement was and are of decisive importance. As decisive, one can assume that it was and is for the growth of plants as well as for the manipulation of the cultivators the rhythm, especially the rhythm of the arrested by the inspiration of the Santana musical ensemble and performed by the homonymous musical ensemble.

SANTANA - Soul Sacrifice, 1969 Woodstock Live
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This section of the site describes the cultivated vegetables, underground, leafy and fruitful, while, among other things, information on modern varieties of agricultural interest is given along with their expected yields.


This section of the site describes aromatic and medicinal plants, both naturally occurring and subject to systematic or occasional collection, as well as those grown for the systematic collection of dry yeast, essential oil or for use as ornamental plants.


This section of the site describes fruit trees and shrubs, evergreen and deciduous, of tropical subtropical and temperate regions, while information on traditional and modern varieties of agricultural interest is given along with their expected yields.


This section of the site describes the herbaceous, rhizomes, bushes and tree ornamental plants grown for use in floriculture, gardening and landscape architecture.

Γυναίκα στο περιβόλι με μαρούλια

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Λαντάνα Ορθόκλαδη (Lantana camara), η Ταξιανθία του Φυτού

Lantana camara (Common Lantana) – Description & Uses

The Common Lantana or Spanish Flag has excellent and long-lasting flowering, as well as inflorescences that show a variety of colors (yellow, yellow-orange, orange, bright red) at the same time, which attract not only the eye of the observer but also the butterflies – as they are a source of food for them.

Κοράλι ή Ρουσέλια (Russelia equisetiformis), τα Άνθη του Φυτού

Firecracker Plant (Russelia equisetiformis) – Description & Uses

It may have gone out of fashion, but it’s not going out of style: Firecracker Plant or Fountainbush remains an attractive shrub with “unsubmissive” form and flowering – at its peak – almost cataclysmic. However, apart from the ornamental value of the plant, its medicinal and environmental contribution are also of great interest.

Ο Πλατυκώδων ο μεγανθής (Platycodon grandiflorus) με Άνθη

Platycodon grandiflorus (Balloon Flower) – Description & Uses

Platycodon grandiflorus (Balloon Flower), the only representative of its genus, is an excellent herbaceous plant, with great ornamental and other practical -therapeutic and edible- properties, whose dominant decorative element is the large blue flowers, both in the phase of formation and in phase of full bloom.

New Zealand Hebe (Hebe speciosa) in Blooming

New Zealand Hebe (Hebe speciosa) – Description and Uses

The New Zealand Hebe (Hebe speciosa) is a wonderful garden and landscape plant, with excellent aesthetic and functional characteristics – among others -, which almost obliges the always tireless editorial team of “Kalliergeia” to dedicate the following article to this ornamental and its utilization.

Ψυχοτρόπος Χρήση των Φυτών Μπρουγκμάνσιας - Φυτά Brugmansia sanguinea σε Ανθοφορία

Ethnobotany – Psychotropic Use of Brugmansia Plants

The plants who belongs in the small genus Brugmansia are of particular ethnobotanical interest for their remarkable psychotropic or entheogenic properties. The following article provides comprehensive all relevant information referring to the traditional psychoactive utilization and use of these plants.

Μπλε Σολάνο (Solanum rantonnetii) με Άνθη

Blue Potato Bush (Lycianthes rantonnetii)-Description, Care & Uses

Without being very widespread, the Blue Potato Bush (Lycianthes rantonnetii) is an extremely remarkable ornamental plant, whose dominant decorative element is its relatively unusual shade and slightly fragrant blue-violet flowers, which appear in great abundance during the long flowering period of the plant.



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