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Garden Plants

Τροφοπενία Αζώτου στα Καλλωπιστικά Δέντρα - Έλειψη Αζώτου σε Ροδόδεντρα

Correcting Nitrogen Deficiency in Ornamental Trees

With the Correcting Nitrogen Deficiency in Ornamental Trees, another unnecessary set of articles on ‘Kalliergeia’ is being launched, concerning the fertilization of ornamental plants in the garden and the landscape. Serious efforts will be made to ensure that the level of articles is such as to discourage the most well-intentioned reader from reading.

Φύτευση της Λαγκεστρέμιας - Ανθισμένα Φυτά

Crapemyrtle Planting in Garden, Pots & Containers

The whole article is dedicated to the planting of Crapemyrtle in the garden soil, in the pots and in the planters, which mentions the appropriate planting season, the necessary preparations as well as the proper technique for the successful establishment and growth of this very popular flowering shrub.

Abutilon Growing - Yellow Color Indian Mallow Flower

Abutilon Growing and Care

The Abutilon growing in the garden and in pots together with its elementary care is the main subject of the article that follows.
The editorial team of ‘Kalliergeia’ made special efforts to avoid ambiguities and dark spots in the development of the subject. If, despite the effort, there are the reader is asked to point out and report them. If, despite the effort, there is a reader.

Winter Protection for Azaleas - Azalea Variety 'Hot Shot'

Winter Protection for Azaleas

The winter protection for azaleas has occupied the scientific community as much as the existence of the boson. A huge amount of money was spent on research, sophisticated instruments were used, missile systems were tested. But the result justified bother, effort and money. The end of the venture found the azalea wiser.What were the conclusions?

Winter Rose Pruning - Purple Color Floribunda Rose Type

Winter Rose Pruning – Instructions on When & How

The winter rose pruning is done all year round, except in the spring, summer and autumn. It takes courage and self-denial to accomplish it. Under unfavorable conditions, the rose lover is required to carry out a pruning work that requires maximum concentration, knowledge of the subject and some skills – something like quantum physics.

Winter Rose Pruning. Two Yellow Roses - Credits: Pritisolanki

Winter Rose Pruning – Tools and Equipments

What could someone write about the rose? Many. For the winter rose pruning? Few well. So few and well that Alexandria’s historic library does not fit. And because ‘brevity is the soul of wit,’ starts the unstoppable chatter initially in relation to the necessary tools and equipments
for the winter rose pruning. And it follows continuously.


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Planting or making a hole in the water? Anyhow somebody can see, it is certain that the artificial island, Freedom Cove, created by Mrs Catherine King and Mr. Wayne Adams in Canada, includes many plants, a vegetable garden and four greenhouses. As for the hole, yes and that is there. For fishing from the living room.

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