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Lawn Seeding in Home Garden - Few Weeks New Lawn from Seed

Lawn Seeding in Home Garden – Methods & Techniques

Creating a new lawn in the traditional way, ie sowing, has its advantages and disadvantages. However knowing and applying the appropriate techniques, the seeding process and the result can also be successful, and with the perspective of time, the new sowing lawn can become a wonderful green carpet.

Κατάλληλο Έδαφος για Σπορά Γκαζόν - Υγιέστατος Χλοοτάπητας Πάνω σε Κατάλληλο Έδαφος

Suitable Soil for Grass Seed or Turf Establishment

Which is the suitable soil to plant grass seed or for the turf establishment, what are its main characteristics, how is a soil corrected or improved to be considered as suitable for the creation of a long-lasting lawn, are some of the issues raised, addressed and answered (?) in the following article.

Φύτευση της Κάννας - Τα Πορτοκαλί Χρώματος Λουλούδια της Κάννας

Canna Lily Planting in Garden, Pots & Planters

The following article is dedicated to the planting of the perennial rhizomatous flower plants of Canna Lilies, with the wide variety of dimensions (tall, normal and dwarf), with the even greater variety in leaf colors (green, red or multicolored), and the infinitely greater variety of colors of their amazing flowers.

Προκαλλιεργημένος Χλοοτάπητας για τον Κήπο σε Ρολό

What is The Turfgrass Sod – Characteristics & Specifications

The turfgrass sod that is rolled and installed in the garden, for the creation of an instant lawn, is the main object of the article, where reference is made to the basic characteristics of the sod, the advantages and disadvantages, the certification and specifications, as well as new forms of ready-made lawn.

Pink Roses in Garden

Rose Planting in Garden, Pots & Containers

Rose planting in gardens and pots is a creative work. The stages of this work are presented in detail in the following article, while at the same time attempting a creatively absurd correlation between the Rose planting and cooking.

Πάγος Πάνω στα Φύλλα

Ornamental Plants Frost Protection

The ornamental plants frost protection is a priority for the plant lover, the amateur and the professional gardener, as temperatures approach the values of the occurrence of this adverse climatic phenomenon. It is also a priority for the editorial team of ‘Kalliergeia’ – hence the following article.


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Planting or making a hole in the water? Anyhow somebody can see, it is certain that the artificial island, Freedom Cove, created by Mrs Catherine King and Mr. Wayne Adams in Canada, includes many plants, a vegetable garden and four greenhouses. As for the hole, yes and that is there. For fishing from the living room.

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