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Plants in Art

The Protagonist of the Lemon Tree Movie, Hiam Abbass

The Lemon Tree Movie by Eran Riklis

The following article is dedicated to the Lemon Tree movie of the important Israeli director, Eran Riklis. A movie that, in the simplest way, manages to show that paranoia is not just a psychopathological impairment, but it can also be a political project and a dominant social condition.

Jorge Mayet 'Sobre todas as coisas'

The World of Plants in the Art of Jorge Mayet

Jorge Mayet, a painter and sculptor, comes from Cuba. As his birth date was registered the November 11, 1962 and as his birthplace the city of Havana. After Jorge Mayet finishing high school studied Art at the Cuban National School of Fine Arts, the historic “San Alejandro” (Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes “San Alejandro”).

Rebecca Louise Law - The Beauty of Decay, Art Work View

The Ephemeral Floral Suspension of Rebecca Louise Law

The raw material, the sculpture medium of the spatial installations of British artist Rebecca Louise Law, is the flowers. Thousands of flowers, each color and shape, which are dried in the hand. And then received from dozens of hands, which the artist guides, so that the work can be realized within twenty-four hours.

Henrique Oliveira 'Baitogogo' - Palais de Tokyo

Henrique Oliveira, The Sculptor and Painter

On the occasion of the presentation a part of the work of Henrique Oliveira some questions were (re)born within us such as the following: What is it that makes great art? What is it that makes the art ecumenical? Why sometimes do some artistic creations surpass the artistic intentions of their creators? After much thought (over 30 seconds), the honest answer we can give is that we have no idea.

Pina Bausch - The Great Choreographer Pina Bausch

Pina Bausch & the Lawn of Herod Atticus Odeon

It was summer of the distant 2001. On the phone, Theoni, pleased to announce that the time of Herod Atticus Odeon fall was reached: her landscaping company took over the layer of the orchestra of the ancient theater with lawn. I wish her “Also to the Parthenon”.


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From the ancient ceramic art, to the art forms of clay, the engraving, the baking and the decorative interventions of modern Korean artists and masters.

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