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Plants in Art

Κορινθιακά Κιονόκρανα - Ναός του Ολυμπίου Διός, Αθήνα

Acantha and Callimachus: The Invention of the Corinthian Order

The article “Acantha and Callimachus: The Invention of the Corinthian Order”, is dedicated to the not so well known Sculptor and Architect of Classical Greece Callimachus and his works, while a second will be dedicated exclusively to the plant Acantha (mainly Acanthus mollis) and its influence on art to this day.

Τριπλός Υβριδικός Πίλος ενός από τα Γλυπτά Μανιτάρια του Κάρστεν Χέλερ

The Giant Sculptured Mushrooms by Carsten Höller

On the occasion of The Giant Sculptured Mushrooms by Carsten Höller presentation, it is attempted to critically present a wide spectrum of selected works and exhibitions of the artist, while is no avoiding the problematic behind the so-called artworks, as well as their reflection on their prestige and place in contemporary art.

The Protagonist of the Lemon Tree Movie, Hiam Abbass

The Lemon Tree Movie by Eran Riklis

The following article is dedicated to the Lemon Tree movie of the important Israeli director, Eran Riklis. A movie that, in the simplest way, manages to show that paranoia is not just a psychopathological impairment, but it can also be a political project and a dominant social condition.

Jorge Mayet 'Sobre todas as coisas'

The World of Plants in the Art of Jorge Mayet

Living and creating away from his home country of Cuba, the expatriate visual artist Jorge Mayet builds small three-dimensional meteoric landscapes, where the usual protagonist is one or more trees – sometimes partly, sometimes totally uprooted. The following article presents some of his greatest artworks in a critical way.

Ρεβέκα Λουίζ Λάου – Rebecca Louise Law - The Beauty of Decay, Άποψη του Έργου

The Ephemeral Floral Suspension of Rebecca Louise Law

With raw material the flowers, the British artist Rebecca Louise Law manages to create colourful spatial compositions that are fragrant. But with the action of time, the installations lose colour & fragrance, leaving in place the pure & powerful sculptural structure of the perishable & consumable ephemeral artworks.

Ενρίκε Ολιβέιρα (Henrique Oliveira), 'Baitogogo' - Palais de Tokyo

Henrique Oliveira, The Sculptor and Painter

Henrique Oliveira, a Brazilian-born sculptor and painter, creates three-dimensional constructions using materials of little value that transform the real into a dreamy space and the imaginary into a tangible one. In the following article we go through some of these places by way of the Henrique Oliveira’s installations.


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