Plants in Art of Landscape Architecture

Plants in Landscape Architecture

Parc Andre Citroen Design and Characteristics

The Parc Andre Citroen design, or more accurately the attempt to approach its design bases and elements, is the main subject of the second article in a series - a series dedicated to the presentation of this particular green space in Paris.

Parc Andre Citroen: The Controversial Beautiful Park

Parc Andre Citroen, located in the south-west of the French capital, is the subject of a series of articles on its design, implementation and functionality. As it is a special conception and aesthetic public park and one of the most important landscape architecture works of the 20th century, it will…


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Great and ancient the ceramic art. And constantly renewed and evolving, when it is – literally – found in the hands of experienced and inventive masters. Yo Se Yeon from the city of Icheon, South Korea, does not have such ambitious goals. But he is such a master. And simply and humbly, as a continuator of a 5,000-year tradition, he devotes us some of his time and some objet d’arts.

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