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Plants in Art and Art in the Use of Plants

Plants have always played a major role in human history. But beyond their self-evident contribution to human and animal nutrition, they had contributed and contributed to the production of practices as well as artistic works. Their use over time in the garden and in landscape architecture for the production of aesthetic and functional results are also the subject of this section of the site. But not only. On the occasion of the origins, correlation or starting of the plants, and consequently the creation of every kind art works by inspiration from them, the contribution to cultural development – sometimes admittedly elastic and expanding – is also being considered here. From the gardens of classical antiquity to the ‘The Constant Gardener’, and from the works of Roberto Burle Marx to Chekhov’s ‘The Cherry Orchard’, there is no barrier or limit to their commenting, reporting and recording. First record? Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – ‘The Nutcracker: Waltz of the Flowers’.

TCHAIKOVSKY - The Nutcracker: Waltz of the Flowers
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If every plant is a work of art, every garden is not necessarily a work of art. But it can be done. And it can be done if in the garden – among other things – use the appropriate plants, in the right place, and in a correct way. In this section of the site, there are presented the possibilities of exploiting the plants and their contribution to the creation of gardens, which will not be a simple – purposeful or misplaced – plant rendering, but really works of art.


Where architecture combines and involves the plant world with human societies in a scale relationship, there emerges, within the border of the city, the Art of Landscape Architecture. Its forefathers are many in history, but itself is the birth of the productive 19th century. And if since then Landscape Architecture has changed and evolved, that element which has remained fundamental to the development of this Art is none other than the plants. Which – however – and these in turn changed and evolved to be able to keep up with it.
In this section of the site, the common adventure of plants and people unfolds, as manifested in the great, difficult but together fascinating Art of Landscape.


With small to large overflows, this section of the site investigates, studies, presents the contribution of plants as a source of inspiration in the creation of artistic works. Literature, painting and sculpture, music, dance and poetry, cinema and comics will be creatively abused as much as possible. Or as Gertrude Stein wrote, ‘Rose is a rose is a rose’, opposing the kingdom of a damp squid in the kingdom of plants.

Γυναίκα στο περιβόλι με μαρούλια

Fresh Category Posts

Τριπλός Υβριδικός Πίλος ενός από τα Γλυπτά Μανιτάρια του Κάρστεν Χέλερ

The Giant Sculptured Mushrooms by Carsten Höller

On the occasion of The Giant Sculptured Mushrooms by Carsten Höller presentation, it is attempted to critically present a wide spectrum of selected works and exhibitions of the artist, while is no avoiding the problematic behind the so-called artworks, as well as their reflection on their prestige and place in contemporary art.

Το Εσωτερικό του Πορτοκαλί Κήπου του Πάρκου Αντρέ Σιτροέν

The Serial Gardens of Parc Andre Citroen

With the famous Serial Gardens of Parc Andre Citroen, the thrilling tribute of ‘Kalliergeia’ to this green space of the Paris continues, a tribute that – what to say now – has forced viewers, readers and creditors of this site to keep them in suspense for every new article of the site’s also famous columnists.

Επιμέρους Περιμετρικός Χώρος του Μαύρου Κήπου

The White and Black Garden of Parc Andre Citroen

Belonging to the so-called André Citroen Park Thematic Gardens, and although organically linked to it, the White and Black Gardens are at the same time special occasions of individual gardens with extremely interesting, and in a sense, unique characteristics.

The Protagonist of the Lemon Tree Movie, Hiam Abbass

The Lemon Tree Movie by Eran Riklis

The following article is dedicated to the Lemon Tree movie of the important Israeli director, Eran Riklis. A movie that, in the simplest way, manages to show that paranoia is not just a psychopathological impairment, but it can also be a political project and a dominant social condition.

Κήποι κοντά στην Θάλασσα - Αειθαλείς Θάμνοι Παραθαλάσσιων Περιοχών

Evergreen Shrubs for Coastal Areas

With the post titled Evergreen Shrubs for Coastal Areas, the editorial team of ‘Kalliergeia’ also launches a complete series of completely unnecessary articles, aspiring to play the role of Guides.

Φυτικοί Φράχτες - Φράχτης Σχήματος στον Κήπο

Hedges in the Garden and Landscape

‘The Hedges in the Garden and Landscape consist of the Hedges Plants of the of the Garden and the Landscape’, was the conclusion reached after long discussions by the editorial team of ‘Kalliergeia’.



The use of the material, where third-party rights are not mentioned, is absolutely free. Its sharing, possibly, useful.

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