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Φύτευση της Ροδιάς - Ώριμα Ρόδια στο Δέντρο

Pomegranate Planting Instructions & Guidelines

The fourth part of the unfailing popular tribute to the commercial cultivation of Pomegranate, has as its main topic the planting of young trees in a new orchard, along with a brief reference to the activities and infrastructure works as well as the treatment of saplings immediately after planting.

Ρόδια Ωραίου Χρωματισμού Πάνω στο Δέντρο

Pomegranate Planting Distances & Orchard Planning

The third part of the unusually popular tribute to the commercial cultivation of Pomegranate, refers to the layout, i.e. the system of planting & the planting distances. And by the way, is going for an online walk around the world to evaluate and compare planting systems and recommendations about the tree.

Ανώριμα Ρόδια πάνω στο Δέντρο

Site Selection for Pomegranate Orchard

The second part of the unexpectedly catchy reading series on the professional cultivation of Pomegranate (Punica granatum), deals with the selection of the appropriate site for the establishment of a Pomegranate orchard, where all those factors that prevent or permit such a project are presented.

Ώριμα Ρόδια σε Επαγγελματική Φυτεία

Climate & Soil Requirements of Pomegranate

A new series on commercial Pomegranate plantations begins with the article entitled ‘Climate & Soil Requirements of Pomegranate’. This article presents all the climatic and soil parameters that play a key role in the establishment, development and productivity of the Pomegranate trees.

Καλοσχηματισμένη Κεφαλή Λάχανου

Headed Cabbage – Field Planting Cabbage

The series on the commercial cultivation of the Headed Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. Capitata) continues unstoppable with the sixth consecutive tribute, which has as its basic theme the affect all process of vegetable planting, and includes from field preparation to plant – and crop – establishment.

Φύλλα & Εξαιρετικά Καλοσχηματισμένη Κεφαλή Λάχανου

Headed Cabbage – Seeding Cabbage Methods

Focusing on the seeding methods and techniques of the Headed Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. Capitata), is offered to the falling-off reading audience, the fifth in the (lamentable) article series – a series dedicated entirely to the commercial cultivation of this ever popular leafy vegetable.


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