Entrance Exams - Interview with Marianna
Interview with Marianna

Marianna, the University Entrance Exams and the Awkwardness

Interview with Marianna Fotara

On the occasion of the discussion with Marianna, who is preparing for the Entrance Exams, let me not forget to write that:

It is a pleasure to destroy young people.


A! – There are a variety of ways.

So, one way to succeed it, is to be a parent, middle-aged, with early arthritis and chronic constipation and to imagine that you want to prepare them to enter the wild labor market on more favorable terms than you.

Another way is the beneficial influence of a constipation and chronic arthritis, narrow or wider social environment that instills in youth the noble idea of peaceful labor mutual slaughter.

An even more effective way of destruction is a totalitarian education system that drafts knowledge, dresses it in military clothes and sends it to the trenches along with the young people in the daily war of survival.

In other (war) words, the education system weighs, the market buys and the competitiveness sells cheaply, what it could be and is, the beauty of the adventure of knowledge and life.


Marianna Looking At The Future
Marianna Looking At The Future

Marianna, University Entrance Exams & the Flesh

Marianna, first of all I want to thank you, who even in a very minimal way contributed and still contribute to your destruction, you still talk to me.

Believe me, I fought hard for this.

Believe me, I believe you and I appreciate it, so I’ll go straight in the flesh. Because I know you love the biological sciences, what does the word ‘stewardess’ mean to you?

Stewardess? … Nothing special. Though now that you ask, let me tell you, it will not spoil me. I love traveling especially when traveling to other countries! So I would not have trouble getting paid to make my dreams come true, so I can travel to as many countries as I can. Additionally, as human also love courtesy, and stewardesses are famous for their kindness, so it would not bother me at all to show it in frustration conditions with other passengers or interlocutors like you.

I am glad when I can extract from the other people the best.

We share the same joy.

Marianna in Luxembourg
Marianna in Luxembourg

Marianna, University Entrance Exams & More In the Flesh

… Second question: What does it mean to entrance to a higher tertiary education school but at the same time you have not even walked out of its nicely designed door?

Unfortunately, I passed her door when I went to write to get my pass. But at the time I arrived, I knew that this area did not fit me. I even made sure when, while I walked to go to the bus station and get the return bus, I saw a gentleman sitting on his balcony and caressing a hen. Being a lover of biological sciences, I recognized in this scene something unrelated … Good region Amaliada, but not for me.

Marianna, University Entrance Exams & Even More In the Flesh

In the flesh number three: Do you think that the education system, of which part is the Panhellenic examinations for entry to higher education, provides knowledge for the joy of knowledge, prepares new generations to enter the labor market on better terms or more is it simply an intelligent means and part of the more general attack of older generations on younger people?

I do not know if the education system is a means of attacking or revenging the big ones towards the new generation, because has the youth. What I know – and indeed, since I give for second time Panhellenic entrance exams – is what exams mean. These exams brutally remove the teen’s right to enjoy his last biological months as almost child. I find it absurd that the state indirectly forces youth to experience a year full of tension, anxiety, and for some people even worse things. It causes brainwashing among young people, their parents, their grandparents, their narrow or wider social environment if you think so, that they think that ‘failure’ in Panhellenic entrance exams means complete disaster, with what this implies for their future.

But what’s the bad in disaster?

Next question.

Marianna Eating Breakfast at the Bank of her Own Private Lake
Marianna Eating Breakfast at the Bank of her Own Private Lake

Marianna Whithout University Entrance Exams but Whith Even & Even More In the Flesh

  1. Next Multiple Choice Question: What do you think – if you have time of forced reading – when you are not thinking about your hard present and your bright future?

Now, all I’m thinking about is the summer that’s coming. And I really want to come as soon as possible. I look forward to the concerts and festivals that will happen and I will go, but I am also looking forward to the holiday that I will spend with my friends. There are, of course, the moments that catch my existential. The other day, let’s say, I was thinking that the curtains are a mundane capitalist commodity, and at the same time I was wondering if I would be Adam if I would bite the apple from the original sin.

Will you bite it?

If I did not have a toothache, probably yes.

Entrance Exams - Marianna Drinking Small Ponds of Alcohol
Marianna Drinking Small Ponds of Alcohol

Marianna Whithout University Entrance Exams & Whithout In the Flesh

Then I will inevitably ask you the following question: If you were not here, in Eleusis, on the planet Earth, on which planet would you want to live and why?

If we neglect the fact that I am permanently in my world, I think I would choose Saturn. Firstly, I want to walk on his rings, even though in the very second step I would hang in the universe and I have a tendency to awkwardness. Secondly, in Saturn I would be safe if I was stinging by a jellyfish, without having to do anything because it has high levels of ammonia. Third … Ha! This time, I gave you the useless information of the day!

Ha! Last and crucial question: what is your favorite soil?

My favorite soil is thatI step, whether I am here or in my world.

Marianna thank you for your time.

Wellcome. It is always a pleasure to talk to those are destroying young people.

Entrance Exams - Marianna Sends Messages to Jokonda
Marianna Sends Messages to Jokonda

Musical Farewell

From what has been said, it is quite possible to conclude that there is no reason for the forthcoming listing of the following two External Links:

On the contrary, and for Marianna’s musical farewell, there is a serious reason to host here Thanassis Papakonstantinou’s (Θανάσης Παπακωνσταντίνου) song entitled Pechlivanis (Πεχλιβάνης), where ‘Pechlivanis’ is the Greek word for ‘Pechlivan’ which came from Turkish Pechlivan’ or ‘Bechilvan’ and means ‘the brave man’.

If she/he is young and wind, it is even better.



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