I'm Going Home - Ten Years After, Woodstock

I'm Going Home - Ten Years After
I'm Going Home - Ten Years After, the Historical Performance of the Song in Woodstock

It has been a few decades since. It was half past eight local time and in  Max Yasgur’s dairy farm, the Country Joe & The Fish, was succeeded on Woodstock’s stage by Ten Years After and Alvin Lee.

One of the songs they have been playing was I’m Going Home. Between the high humidity and the many unplanned interruptions that would take place owing to it for re-tuning the instruments, they would perform this song in an unrepeatable way. And characterizing the performance of the song as ‘unrepeatable’ does not contain a trace of exaggeration: the sound recording was problematic. This resulted to overdub drums sound in the studio. The drummer that he undertook was not the original Ric Lee but
Larry Bunker
 – a studio percussionist. So the sound of the song is not the authentic but the mix of the real with the complementary sound of the studio.

Ten Years After - I'm Going Home

Of all the songs that Ten Years After played at that concert, the only that could be imprinted on the film was I’m Going Home perform. Everything else Went Home, to the home of oblivion – and the rotten luck.


The historical performance of the song

I'm Going Home - Ten Years After
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Alvin Lee – Guitar, Vocals, Harp
Leo Lyons – Bass
Chick Churchill – Keyboards
Ric Lee – Drums

Alvin Lee, the Watermelon and the Copyright

In addition to the song, in the history also passed and the watermelon that Alvin Lee is taking with him at the end of concert. Where was the watermelon found? Well, one member of the audience which had it with him, he didn’t think much of it – it was other times, more munificent and generous – and left it on stage for the artists.

And while the original copy (in the first version of this article) clearly shows all this, the one we are now showing has disappeared. But why has it disappeared? For reasons related to the so-called copyright. For which copyright as well as attempts to manipulate and censor the internet we promise to come back. Here we will just note that in addition to copyright of creators there are also the copyrights of listeners, viewers and readers, and without them neither the first can find a ground to set foot on, nor can make their products of creation public and known.

[Hide-and-Seek: This time we have the original copy …]

Watermelon Weightlifting

Alvin Lee Picks Up the Watermelon

Alvin Lee Takes the Watermelon and Leaves

The Watermelon

Although the editorial team of Kalliergeia has made great efforts to discover the variety of watermelon that Alvin Lee took with him, it eventually failed. Only as a guess can it be said that it might was an ‘Orangeglo’. Conversely, there is no speculation that the watermelon was spiked with LSD.

I’m Going Home (Live)

Ten Years After – Woodstock (August 17th 1969)

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