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Another boring plants about site?

Yes. Undoubtedly yes. This is our basic intention, this is our basic aim and we will do everything we can to achieve it. However, in this short introductory note we will not unroll our strategy. In fact, we will not unroll anything. Nothing well rolled, folded, hidden and concealed. But we will pick up the sleeves, we will take the hoe and the tiller and we will start digging the earth. That is our basic intention, that is our basic aim. With great pomp and ceremony we start digging the earth.

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They said about ‘Kalliergeia’

The earth goes around 'Kalliergeia'.
Καλλιέργεια - Γαλιλαίος Γαλιλέι
Galileo Galilei
Astrologer & Medium
I am unceasingly informed by this site about all the modern developments in the cultivation of the plants of the 3rd century BC.
Θεόφραστος ή Τύρταμος του Μέλαντα
Theophrastus or Tyrtamus of Melanta
Agricultural Lyceum Professor
Man is a genius when he is dreaming 'Kalliergeia'.
Ακίρα Κουροσάβα
Akira Kurosawa 黒澤 明
Cherry Grower

Site Structure

Kalliergeia - Old Bricks


… Where We Are Talking About Sections


In the ‘Plants’ section the protagonists of this project, which are none other than the same ones, are presented. For each plant separately its morphology, its anatomical characteristics and its botanical systematic classification are described. It also provides data on its growing and protection, as well as its exploitation in the garden and the landscape. In addition, the uses of plants are mentioned from a historical and ethnobotanical point of view, while the natural and breeded varieties are recorded, both those that are freely growed in their centres of diversity as well as those used in modern gardening, floriculture and in the general agricultural proces


In the ‘Plants & Garden’ section, all the information is provided that will help the amateur gardener and the flower admirer ones to deepen their knowledge of the planting, development, maintenance and care of all plant species in the garden, flower pots and the balconies.


In the ‘Plants & Crops’ section, information and instructions are provided on the modern cultivation of the main agricultural interest of plant species according to the latest developments in agricultural research and phytotechnology.


The ‘Plants & Art’ section presents the use of plants as elements for the production of aesthetic and artistic effect as well as the result produced in all types of art – not only in gardening and landscape architecture -, either by using them solely or as an occasion and inspiration of them by any means.


In the ‘Journeys of Plants’ section, the paths, adventures and wanderings of plants within the dynamically changing natural zone of their spreading through time and space, as well as the influence and exertion of natural populations on humans, are presented.


In the ‘Herbarium’ section, there is a great reversal: the plants are withdrawn or appear sporadically only to serve the great plan that is no less than the absence of a plan. An absence of monologues, sometimes interviews with remarkable people, and sometimes tributes around and over objects, events, persones and situations.


Growing Globe Artichokes
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The World of Plants in the Art of Jorge Mayet
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Jacaranda mimosifolia - Description, Care and Uses
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Camphor Tree (Cinnamomum camphora)
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Lily of the Nile (Agapanthus praecox)
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The use of the material, where third-party rights are not mentioned, is absolutely free. Its sharing, possibly, useful.

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