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Ο Νέος Ναός Παναγίας Τήνου των Παναγιωτάκου & Μητσάκη - Πρόσθια Άποψη

Our Lady of Tinos Study of Panagiotakos – Mitsakis

The study of Kyriakoulis Panagiotakos and Nikolaos Mitsakis for the new Church of Our Lady of Tinos – a study which completed in 1931 – and all the events that followed, are the main themes of the second article of the series, which is dedicated to the first of them, the important Greek Modernist architect of Interwar.

Φωτογραφικό Πορτρέτο του Joseph Hardwick Pemberton

Joseph Pemberton & Hybrid Musk Roses

Joseph Pemberton, an Anglican clergyman, has emerged as one of the most important rose breeders of the twentieth century. It is its own work the creation of Hybrid Musk Roses group – large robust bushes whith strong fragrance and more or less continuously flowering in gigantic clusters.

Το Εξώφυλλο του Άλμπουμ των Ακρίτας

Akritas, the ’70s Pioneering Greek Rock Band

To the historical Greek rock band ‘Akritas’, created in the early 1970s by Stavros Logarides and Aris Tasoulis, with Giorgos Tsoupakis and Dimos Papachristou as its members, a group of musicians who wrote extremely innovative music and released only one album, is devoted the following article.

Ιστορία της τριανταφυλλιάς - Ζαν Μπαπτίστ Αντρέ Τζιλό (Jean Baptiste André Guillot)

Guillot Fils, The Man Who Changed the History of Roses

Without Guillot Fils the history of the rose evolution would be radically different. Because the French in origin Guillot Fils (Guillot son), or Jean Baptiste André Guillot, in the mid-19th century, succeeded in introducing two completely new types of roses: The Hybrid Tea and the Polyantha.

Bombino - Bombino, Guitarist, Singer-songwriter and Singer

Bombino, Songwriter, Guitarist and Singer

The important artist Bombino (Omara Moctar) is a guitarist, songwriter and singer. Tuareg in origin, was born in 1980 in Tidene, Niger, in a refugee camp, 80 kilometers northeast of Agadez.

Κυριάκος Παναγιωτάκος - Μπλε Πολυκατοικία

Kyriakos Panagiotakos, the Modernist Architect

Kyriakos, Koulis and / or Kyriakoulis Panagiotakos (1902 – 1982), the Greek modernist architect of the Interwar, is the victim of yet another series of ‘Kalliergeia’ articles focusing on the presentation of the important work that left behind by this unassuming producer of fine architectural creations.


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