Στροφές Στροφάλων - Φωτογραφικό Πορτρέτο του Ανδρέα Εμπειρίκου

Revolving Cranks by Andreas Embirikos

The whole poem ‘Revolving Cranks’ by Andreas Embirikos is given but is also heard in the article. The prominent’s Greek surrealist poem is included in the poetry collection entitled ‘Body of the Morning’ collection of 1945, while the sound document is contained in ‘The Embirikos reads Embirikos’ – ‘Dionysos’ 1964.

Satori in Paris - Photographic Portrait of Jack Kerouac

Satori in Paris – Jack Kerouac

The novel ‘Satori in Paris’ by the great American author Jack Kerouac was written on the occasion of his trip to France in the framework of a research he conducted on the roots of his Breton’s name. From this book, here is given the third chapter.

Ένας Κόσμος Ανάποδα - Φωτογραφικό Πορτρέτο του Εντουάρντο Γκαλεάνο

Upside Down – Eduardo Galeano: Green, How I Love You

In its book ‘Upside Down’, Eduardo Galeano carries out extremely interesting unpalatural acts: he unclothes the naked, that is, the big new fruit called supranational companies that after they pollute the planet they come to clean the environment from their dirt – for a fee, of course for their efforts.

Λούσιεν Φρόιντ, Reflection (Αυτοπροσωπογραφία - 1985). Λάδι σε Καμβά. Διαστάσεις 51.2 x 56.2 cm

Lucian Freud Reflection (Self-portrait), 1985

The artwork of Lucian Freud Reflection (Self-portrait,1985) contains not reflections but contrasts. Hard contrasts of a face full of harsh internal conflicts, leaving their hard painted imprint on its palpitating mask and their harsh truth in its eyes.

I'm Going Home - Ten Years After

I’m Going Home – Ten Years After, Woodstock

Among the many great artists who performed at Woodstock, in August 1969, were Ten Years After. And among the many great songs played there, was I’m Going Home. Alvin Lee and the other members of the historical British band offered a unique, unrepeatable, performance of their song.

Κι οι Άραβες Κάναν Ερωτήσεις Φοβερές και Τρομερές ... - Φωτογραφικό Πορτρέτο του Λώρενς Φερλινγκέτι

And the Arabs Asked Terrible Questions …

Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem ‘And the Arabs Asked Terrible Questions …’, and is entirely given here, is included in the 1955 ‘Pictures of the gone world’ collection. In the 2015 anniversary edition, he wrote that in these poems ‘there is a freshness of perception that only young eyes have, in the dandelion bloom of youth’.


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