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  • Τι είναι η Έθνοβοτανική
    Ethnobotany is the science that studies the relationships between humans and human societies with plants. It has the purpose of recording, describing, interpreting and explaining the whole range of these relationships, as well as the connections created by human cultures with the local flora. >>>
  • The IARC Headquarters in Lyon
    IARC is the acronym of the English words International Agency for Research on Cancer. The IARC is an independent part of the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and its base is in the beautiful city of Lyon, France. >>>
  • Μια Μορφή Ορυκτού Ζεολίθου
    Zeolite constitute a group of hydrated microporous aluminosilicate minerals (mainly Na, K, and Ca) whose members have similar characteristics in terms of chemical composition and basic crystalline structure. They are found as natural products of pyroclastic rocks in volcanic tuffs, but they(...) >>>
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