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  • Εθνοβοτανική - Επίδειξη Χρήσης Φυτών
    EthnobotanyThe Ethnobotany is a relatively new field of knowledge, which aims at the in-depth study of the diverse relationships between humans and human societies with plants, researching both their practical and historically timeless functional utilization by the traditional and modern people communities. >>>
  • The IARC Headquarters in Lyon
    IARCThe entry IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) presents the comprehensive history of its establishment, its objective of establishment & features, basic characteristics, while a detailed reference is made to the categories of carcinogenicity agents and their connection with pesticides. >>>
  • Μια Μορφή Ορυκτού Ζεολίθου
    ZeoliteZeolite is a mineral around which an ever-increasing interest is developing. The following article gives, among others, the definition, the concise History of the Zeolite, its properties and applications, while reference is made to its structure, classification, naming, and categories. >>>
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