‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush - Coprosma repens ‘Evening Glow’

‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush, or the Color Factory
‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush, or the Color Factory

‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush

Scientific name: Coprosma repens ‘Evening Glow’

Common names: ‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush, Mirror Bush ‘Evening Glow’

Plant breeder: Richard Ware – Napier, New Zealand

‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush is a perennial, woody shrub with foliage evergreen and variegated. It has a fast growth rate and is of moderate size, with dimensions significantly smaller than those of the typical species.

Its height varies between 1.2 and 1.5 m (4-5 ft) and its diameter is between 0.9 and 1.2 m (3-4 ft) .

Its canopy is naturally pyramidal and symmetrical, while it has a fine texture and upright appearance.

‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush - Description

The plant at a young age develops upright and moderately branched flexible shoots, which over time harden. Their color initially is creamy-yellowish and they have small hairs but mature they become brown and naked.

Brown is also the externally color of the bark while internally it is green and its texture is relatively smooth.

The leaves, which are the dominant decorative element of the plant, are small, glossy and simple. They are oval-round in shape, with smooth edges, between 0.5 and 2.5 cm (0.2-1 in) in length and placed opposite to the shoots.

Their color at the beginning of the growing period is green with yellow irregular spots to turn the summer into bright orange and red with a few yellow spots. In the autumn, the orange and red shades will dominate the foliage, which will remain unchanged until the next spring.

‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush - Planting

The ‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush variety is less resistant to cold than typical. It can withstand low temperatures up to -6 0C (21 °F) while its optimal temperature range is between 20 and 30 0C (68-86 °F). At prolonged low temperatures below 0 0C (32 °F) will drop its leaves, which will appear again at the beginning of the new growing period.

In terms of soil, it prefers dry, light to medium texture and moderate fertility soils, while the slightly acidic ones seem to favor its growth.

In relation to the exposure, it can be planted both in sunny and semishade places, but if there is a possibility it is better to avoid the latter because the plant grows asymmetrically and the leaf colors are damaged. It also has to be mentioned that for its planting it is possible to choose windy places as it has high resistance to strong air.

‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush - Care

In terms of watering, young plants should be irrigated when the surface soil and at a depth of 1 to 2 cm (0.4-0.8 in) have dried. But after they establised, watering can be minimal and sporadic, because their resistance to drought is extremely high.

From diseases, it generally does not face serious problems, while aphids,  mealy bugs and scales are reported by insects. By using of the appropriate formulations, both are satisfactorily treated.

‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush pruning can be done at moderate intensity, every 1 to 2 years, as it makes for a more compact appearance of the bush. A suitable season is late autumn and early spring, after 15 to 20 days have passed since the last frost.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the ‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush variety has received, the Garden Merit Award from the Royal Horticultural Society.


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This cultivar of Mirror Bush is suitable for:

  • Specimen
  • Mass plantings
  • Informal hedges
  • Urban plantings
  • Indoor plantings
  • Bonsai
‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush in Autumn Colors
‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush in Autumn Colors
‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush Details of Leaves
‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush Details of Leaves
‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush Full of Colors
‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Bush Full of Colors


Trees (New Zealand Native) Coprosma hybrids & cultivars with photos: T.E.R:R.A.I.N – Taranaki Educational Resource


‘Evening Glow’ for ‘Evening Glow’ the ‘To You Only’ song




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