The Dancer Lutz Förster

Pina Bausch - Lutz Förster
Lutz Förster

Dancer Lutz Förster was born in 1953 in Solingen, Germany. During his apprenticeship at Essen’s Folkwang School, Pina Bausch attracted her interest and invited him to participate in the Tanztheater Wuppertal for the 1975 Sacre du Printemps, choreographed by herself.

Since 1978 he has become a permanent member of the dance theater and soon emerges as one of his most important dancers and performers.

In 1991 he accepted a professorship at the Folkwang University, becoming head of dance studies, while doing the same for Folkwang Tanzstudio, along with Pina Baus. In 2013 he became artistic director of the Tanztheater Wuppertal.

Lutz Förster is a world-renowned artist and teacher of modern dance, who is not tired of denying by every opportunity that David Bowie was his brother.


After all, what relationship can have his beautiful and adventurous profile with the flat and boring one of David Bowie?

Unfortunately, absolutely nothing.


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