A Vindication - Poem by Li Po

A Vindication, Li Po - Li Po - Portrait of the Poet from a Kyrgyzian Stamp
Li Po - Portrait of the Poet

The Chinese poet Li Po or Li Bai (李白) was born in 701 and died in 762. And if the place he was born and died is unknown the way of his death is not, as the legend has attributed him, legend worthy of a great poet: drunk being, drowned while he was trying from his boat to catch the reflection of the moon in the waters of the Yangtze river.

The poem A Vindication listed immediately after, we do not know when it was born. What we know is that it grows to this day. And it will continue to grow as the wine is produced and its drinkers immerse into ecstasy. Even if some of them sometimes drowned, trying to catch the reflection of the moon in the waters of the Yangtze river.

Li Po - A Vindication

If heaven loved not the wine,
A Wine Star would not be in heaven;
If earth loved not the wine,
The Wine Spring would not be on the earth.
Since heaven and earth love the wine,
Need a tippling mortal be ashamed?
The transparent wine, I hear,
Has the soothing virtue of a sage,
While the turgid is rich, they say,
As the fertile mind of the wise.
Both the sage and the wise were drinkers,
Why seek for peers among gods and goblins?
Three cups open the grand door to bliss;
Take a jugful, the universe is yours.
Such is the rapture of the wine,
That the sober shall never inherit.

English Text

The poem is included in the book ‘The works of Li Po, the Chinese poet‘ by Li B. and Obata S.

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