A Horse With Greenblue Eyes

A horse with greenblue eyes - Photographic Portrait of Charles Bukowski
Photographic Portrait of Charles Bukowski

The poem of the great American writer and poet Charles Bukowski (Heinrich Karl Bukowski, August 1920 – March 1994), titled A Horse With Greenblue Eyes, written in 1975, is included in his collection of poems Love Is A Dog From Hell, which was released in the United States in 1977 by the publishing house Black Sparrow Press.

Highly prolific writer, Charles Bukowski wrote dozens of books and hundreds – innumerable – poems. He went to the Pantheon of Literature after his death when it was almost complete and universal recognition of his work even by those who had rejected it while he lived. And now they earn their living by teaching brazenly Charles Bukowski.

Charles Bukowski - A Horse With Greenblue Eyes

what you see is what you see:
madhouses are rarely
on display.

that we still walk about and
scratch ourselves and light

is more the miracle

than bathing beauties
than roses and the moth.

to sit in a small room
and drink a can of beer
and roll a cigarette
while listening to Brahms
on a small red radio

is to have come back
from a dozen wars

listening to the sound
of the refrigerator

as bathing beauties rot

and oranges and apples
roll away.

Charles Bukowski, 1975

Poem from the collection Love Is A Dog From Hell (1977)

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