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Genus Cedrus (Cedrus Trew): Classification, Description & Uses

The genus Cedrus, the so-called genus of True Cedars, truly is not characterized by the great number of its species. On the contrary, in the best case, it includes four species, in the worst just three, two or one. However, what loses in massiveness replenishes it in utility and beauty.

Rose Planting in Garden, Pots & Containers

The knowledge on Rose Planting in Garden, Pots & Containers and the knowledge of Cooking, at first sight seems that they don’t have any relationship - besides the fact of knowledge itself.

Revolving Cranks

Andreas Embirikos's poem Revolving Cranks is included in the poetry collection entitled Body of the Morning (Σώμα της Πρωίας), along with six more poems, written between 1935 and 1936.

Ornamental Plants Frost Protection

The ornamental plants frost protection is always a matter of concern for the plant lovers, as the temperatures go down and approach the 0 °C. Frost is undoubtedly a great danger and clearly represents a threat to plants - and not just to ornamental plants.

Growing Apples in Home Garden

The desire to growing apples in home garden, that is to say, Malus domestica, does not pose any major difficulties for it to be carried out, provided that the basic prerequisites for the proper planting of tree are met.

Satori in Paris – Jack Kerouac

The book Satori in Paris by the great American writer Jack Kerouac was completed in 1966 and was released by Grove Press Inc., New York City. In this novella, Kerouac recounts his journey to France on the occasion of his research on the roots of his Britonian surname.


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The cultivated species is called Sisal and is Agave sisalana (Agave sisalana), a textile plant of the tropical and subtropical regions. Brazil is the largest producer country in world.


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