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How to Plant, Grow and Maintain Plants?

The application of appropriate techniques for planting seeds, bulbs and seedlings, as well as shrubs and trees, is the key to the establish of plants. On the other hand, the correct actions that will follow will be the guarantee for their successful development and maintenance. In this section of the site, the ways and methods of planting, growing, and protecting the plants that they are proposing to use by amateur growers and flower admirers are described in detail and specifically for the successful outcome of each crop, whether it be a garden or vegetable patch either for flower pots or window boxes plants. They relate not only to outdoor plants but also to indoor, while paying particular attention to their proper utilization within the natural limits of their potential. There is even so much weight in this area that one could say that it is almost overwhelming. But the joy of creating an aesthetically, functionally and ecologically flawless green, small or big corner, neutralizes weight. Such a feeling somehow transfers and the musical ensemble Cream with their excellent ‘I’m So Glad’ song. Could anyone refuse it?


Indoor Plants

The Indoor Plants subsection of the site describes the methods and techniques of planting, growing and protecting the decorative plants of indoor homes and business spaces.


Garden Plants

This subsection of the site describes the methods and techniques of planting, growing and protecting ornamental herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees and also provides information on the appropriate soil, soil substrate and mixture to which each cultivated plant is thriving, and on the climatic conditions favor its development.


Vegetable Garden Plants

This subsection Vegetable Garden Plants of the site describes the methods and techniques of planting, growing and protecting the vegetable species for home vegetable gardens.


Garden Fruit Trees and Shrubs

The subsection Garden Fruit Trees & Shrubs of the site refers to the methods and techniques of planting, growing and maintenance the fruit trees and shrubs of the home garden.

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Growing Globe Artichokes in Vegetable Garden

Growing globe Artichokes in vegetable garden is an excellent choice for any amateur gardener. Because by growing globe Artichokes (ie Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus (L.) Fiori) he will not only be able to harvest fresh flower heads for many years and for many delicious dishes

Planting – 2. How to Plant Bare Root Trees

How to Plant Bare Root Trees? - is a question that an amateur gardener may ask, a gardener who wants to plant in the garden or in its property fruit or ornamental trees of this type, but does not know the way. But that is why 'Kalliergeia' exists.

Planting – 1. About Bare Root Trees Planting

Bare root trees planting is the last one and - why not? - the most exciting part of a process that makes tangible for an amateur gardener the desire to establish fruit or ornamental trees of this type in the garden or elsewhere in its property.

Correcting Nitrogen Deficiency in Ornamental Trees

With the Correcting Nitrogen Deficiency in Ornamental Trees, another unnecessary set of articles on 'Kalliergeia' is being launched, concerning the fertilization of ornamental plants in the garden and the landscape. Serious efforts will be made to ensure that the level of articles is such as to discourage the most well-intentioned…

Crapemyrtle Planting in Garden, Pots & Containers

Crapemyrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) has over a century of remarkable presence in the gardens and landscapes, urban or countryside, almost in all areas of the planet with a temperate, tropical or subtropical climate. The planetary spread of the plant is due to two main reasons: a) its amazing and long-lasting flowering,…


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