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Plants in Art and Art in the Use of Plants

Plants have always played a major role in human history. But beyond their self-evident contribution to human and animal nutrition, they had contributed and contributed to the production of practices as well as artistic works. Their use over time in the garden and in landscape architecture for the production of aesthetic and functional results are also the subject of this section of the site. But not only. On the occasion of the origins, correlation or starting of the plants, and consequently the creation of every kind art works by inspiration from them, the contribution to cultural development – sometimes admittedly elastic and expanding – is also being considered here. From the gardens of classical antiquity to the ‘The Constant Gardener’, and from the works of Roberto Burle Marx to Chekhov’s ‘The Cherry Orchard’, there is no barrier or limit to their commenting, reporting and recording. First record? Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – ‘The Nutcracker: Waltz of the Flowers’.


Plants in Art of Landscape Architecture

Where architecture combines and involves the plant world with human societies in a scale relationship, there emerges, within the border of the city, the Art of Landscape Architecture. Its forefathers are many in history, but itself is the birth of the productive 19th century. And if since then Landscape Architecture has changed and evolved, that element which has remained fundamental to the development of this Art is none other than the plants. Which – however – and these in turn changed and evolved to be able to keep up with it.
In this subsection of the site, the common adventure of plants and people unfolds, as manifested in the great, difficult but together fascinating Art of Landscape.


Plants in Art

With small to large overflows, this subsection of the site investigates, studies, presents the contribution of plants as a source of inspiration in the creation of artistic works. Literature, painting and sculpture, music, dance and poetry, cinema and comics will be creatively abused as much as possible. Or as Gertrude Stein wrote, ‘Rose is a rose is a rose’, opposing the kingdom of a damp squid in the kingdom of plants.

Woman in the orchard with lettuce

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The World of Plants in the Art of Jorge Mayet

Jorge Mayet, a painter and sculptor, comes from Cuba. As his birth date was registered the November 11, 1962 and as his birthplace the city of Havana. After Jorge Mayet finishing high school studied Art at the Cuban National School of Fine Arts, the historic "San Alejandro" (Escuela Nacional de…

The Ephemeral Floral Suspension of Rebecca Louise Law

The raw material, the sculpture medium of the spatial installations of British artist Rebecca Louise Law, is the flowers. Thousands of flowers, each color and shape, which are dried in the hand. And then received from dozens of hands, which the artist guides, so that the work can be realized…

Henrique Oliveira, The Sculptor and Painter

On the occasion of the presentation a part of the work of Henrique Oliveira some questions were (re)born within us such as the following: What is it that makes great art? What is it that makes the art ecumenical? Why sometimes do some artistic creations surpass the artistic intentions of…

Pina Bausch & the Lawn of Herod Atticus Odeon

It was summer of the distant 2001. On the phone, Theoni, pleased to announce that the time of Herod Atticus Odeon fall was reached: her landscaping company took over the layer of the orchestra of the ancient theater with lawn. I wish her “Also to the Parthenon”.

The Rural Life in Painting Art: Jean-Francois Millet, the Artist.

Jean-Francois Millet, breaking new artistic ground as rapporteur of the realism, focused the theme of the narration of rural life, the narrative of the life of French peasants of his time, and not with the eyes of a genre painting but with the look of a pioneer that combine landscape…


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