The Cover of the Akritas Disc
The Cover of the Disc

The Akritas musical band was founded in 1972 by Stavros Logaridis. Members of the band were, apart from Logarides, Aris Tasoulis, Giorgos Tsoupakis and Dimos Papachristou.

Akritas released in 1973 only an album with the title of the band and after they collaborated in various live appearances with ‘Bourboulia’ and Vangelis Papathanasiou, they were dissolved.

The album was extremely avant garde, combining electric rock sound with elements of Western music as well as Greek traditional music. It was, but still remains, one of the best samples of experimental rock sound, which at the same time created an important artistic result.

Information about the 'Akritas' Album

Company: Polydor – Rollygram

Format: Vinyl, LP, CD re-release in 1994

Release: 1973

Genre: Progressive Rock characterize it, but without musical knowledge, we think it’s different. Why can you simply blush with ethnic listening, long before the invention of the genre? And on the other hand this ‘progressive’ is somehow referring to ‘fabricated art’. The Akritas Progressive Rock? Okay – right you are if you think so).

Akritas – Tracklist:

Side A

Εισβολείς (Invaders), Γέννηση (Birth), Τα Παιδιά (Children), Μνήμη (Memory), Επιστροφή (Return), Αγάπη (Love), Ego, Τραγούδι (Song)

Side B

Το Πανηγύρι (The Feast), Το Θαύμα (The Miracle), Το Όνειρο (The Dream), Και Ιδού Ίππος Χλωρός (And It’s Chloe Horse), Κατάκτηση (Conquest), Ζέτα Ζωρζέτα (Zeta Zorzeta)

Akritas - Credits:

  • Voice, Bass, Acoustic Guitar – Stavros Logaridis
  • Piano, Synthesizer [Vcs 3] – Aris Tasoulis
  • Percussion – Giorgos Tsoupakis
  • Guitar – Dimos Papachristou
  • Lyrics – Kostas Ferris
  • Composition – Aris Tasoulis, Stavros Logaridis
  • Production – Kostas Pasholas


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From left to right: Aris Tasoulis, Stavros Logaridis and Giorgos Tsoupakis

One of the Few Photographs of the Akritas Group
One of the Few Photographs of the Akritas Group

Pianist and composer Aris Tasoulis

Akritas - Aris Tasoulis, Piano
Aris Tasoulis

Dimos Papachristos in the guitar 

Akritas - Dimos Papachristou, Guitar
Dimos Papachristos


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